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DEBT RECOVERY                                           

Credit management represents the core of a business, because it generates the cash flow of the company, but at the same time it consumes a serious of internal resources of the company: human resources, financial resources and not the least time

Almost all companies confront with the problem of uncollected debt, which represents the cause of company’s diminished resources.

Active, since 2002, on credit management market , Rom Debt Collection offers you a series of services of credit management including: recovery of commercial debts, amiably or in court, debt purchasing, contractual consultancy and administration of litigation.

The key element that contributes to the success of Rom Debt Collection is represented by the quality of the offered services.

Commercial debt recovery represents the basic activity of our company and it is performed by a team of professionals, with 10 years experience in this field, formed lawyers, well trained, with negotiation attributes.

This service it conceived to complete the procedures of internal recovery of the client and contribute to the wealthy of cash flow and company’s profit.

All the activities of debt collection are performed according to the law and a manner, which guarantees the protection of client’s image and reputation.

Advantages of the service use of debt recovery:
Minimum cost: we take over the risk, we trust our services, and this is the reason why we perceive a commission only in the case of total or partial recovery of debit;

Short period of collection: medium period of action is of 10 weeks from case take over;
Quality of services;
Improvement of the contracts under which you undergo your activity: any error discovered by EuroCredit lawyers in these contracts is corrected and communicated to the client;
Permanent information of the client: we believe in our communication with the client, we do our best to keep you informed regarding the level of recovery; we discuss with you all important decisions;
Internal resources economy: human, financial and time;

Improvement of cash flow and profit;

For a promptly personalized offer :


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